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Position: Painter
Location: Mississauga
Pay rate: $18 – $20
Shift: Morning (Night availability required)


  • Prepared surfaces by cleaning, scraping, and sanding to ensure proper paint adhesion.
  • Applied primers and sealers to create a smooth and even base for paint application.
  • Mixed and matched paint colors to achieve desired shades and finishes.
  • Used brushes, rollers, and spray equipment to apply paint to various surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and equipment.
  • Applied multiple coats of paint to achieve the desired coverage and appearance.
  • Masked and protected areas not intended for painting, such as windows, fixtures, and trim.
  • Repaired and patched surfaces using putty, fillers, and caulks before painting.
  • Followed safety protocols and used appropriate ventilation and protective gear during painting.
  • Collaborated with clients and project managers to determine color preferences and project specifications.
  • Inspected completed work for quality and touch-ups, ensuring a flawless finish.
  • Maintained painting equipment and tools, cleaning them after each use.
  • Worked with a team to complete larger projects efficiently and within deadlines.
  • Ensured compliance with environmental regulations and disposal of paint materials properly
  • Communicated with clients to address concerns, answer questions, and ensure satisfaction.
  • Utilized knowledge of different types of paints and finishes for specific applications.
  • Worked on various settings, including industrial sites, commercial buildings, and residential properties.


  • Must have minimum 2 years of experience

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